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Open your 1031 Exchange account with low costs and identify replacement properties easily.

OneStop1031 is your one stop resource for "EVERYTHING1031." Not only have we built the ultimate inventory of investment grade properties for investors, we've reserved VIP exchange processing for you through IPX1031, the nation's largest 1031 facilitator and subsidiary of Fortune 300 Fidelity National Financial.

What is the process?


Research and Plan

If you are thinking about doing a 1031 Exchange, you may have questions about the regulations and the process. We are a team of real estate specialists who can provide tailor-made solutions as well as offer tax and legal assistance. We have all the resources you will need to complete the transaction.

Open an Exchange Account

When you have sold the relinquished property you will need a reliable qualified intermediary that keeps your sales proceeds in an exchange account. Through OneStop1031, you'll qualify for VIP facilitation with IPX1031, the nation's largest 1031 processor and subsidiary of Fortune 300 Fidelity National Financial.

Identify Cash Flow Properties

During your 1031 Exchange you will need to identify your replacement properties within 45 days of the sale. This is why it is critical to have timely access to our professionally managed inventory of investment grade properties. We ensure that the exchange do not fall apart which often result in huge tax bills for investors.

Find out today’s lowest fee for an exchange account.

OneStop1031:The Smart Way to Exchange

1031 Exchange has been around since the 1920's; and institutional, investment grade properties have been around even longer. But only recently have the two come together for the benefit of the average real estate investor and 1031 Exchanger.

The OneStop1031 team, have built The Smart Way to Exchange, a unique capability which not only streamlines the logistics of a 1031 Exchange, but also makes available interests in investment grade properties for 1031 Exchangers.

Access our 1031 exchange replacement property

Single Family

Choose from our large inventory of income properties.

There is no reason to fail your 1031 Exchange and pay huge tax bills. With OneStop1031 behind your back, you will complete the transaction and start enjoying passive income from our replacement properties in no time.

investment grade

Reliable Cash Flow

OneStop1031 can show you institutional investmnet properties which are professionally managed with credit tenants.

Long Term Growth

We select our investment grade alternatives based upon market research into long term economic and demographic trends.

A Legacy Portfolio

The properties we have available can be the cornerstone of your investment portfolio. A trophy asset with good cash flow.

Exchange with confidence.

Through special arrangement, OneStop1031 has secured for benefit of our clients, VIP processing and facilitation services through IPX1031, the nation's largest tax deferred exchange facilitator and subsidiary of Fortune 300 Fidelity National Financial. We selected IPX1031 as our exclusive processor because they are the 1031 industry leaders in expertise, experience, and funds security.

  • Completed 400,000+ tax deferred exchanges
  • $100 Million Fidelity Bond 
  • $30 Million in Performance Assurances